St Andrew's Church, Chelmsley Wood

Weekly Events


  • Sunday Service

    10:30AM Every Sunday

    Our main service.


  • Morning Prayer

    9:00AM daily

    Each weekday at church begins with Morning Prayer. Most of the time it's just a handful of people meeting in the small room. We read Psalms and passages from The Bible; discuss and pray for all kinds of global, community and personal issues. Morning Prayer lasts about 30 minutes unless discussion gets really interesting then it may go on. But you could pop in for 5 minutes on your way from dropping the children off at school or on your way to work. We all lead busy lives but it's good to give time to God at the start of a busy schedule. Try it. Even a couple of minutes in prayer gives the day a different feel.

    Check the weekly notice sheet to be sure when Morning Prayer is happening. Sometimes we need to cancel and re-organise.

  • Andy Pandy's Stay and Play

    1:30PM weekly

    Andy Pandy's - Mondays during school terms - 1.30 - 3.00pm

    Andy Pandy's is a stay and play group for parent's/carers and children. Mike leads the group which makes him Andy Pandy even though he refuses to wear the blue and white striped suit.

    Every week there is time for free-play; a craft activity; a Bible story; singing and a prayer. The charge is £1.20 per family. This covers the cost of a soft drink, biscuit and/or fruit for the children and a cup of tea for adults.

    Every week we currently host around 15 children aged between a few months and rising 3 year olds, plus moms, dads, carers and grandmas. We've still got plenty of space. You are welcome. Come along and try if for yourself.


  • Solihull Striders & Strollers

    10:30AM Alternate Tuesdays

    Solihull Strollers & Striders is a group of people who enjoy walking. They meet on alternate Tuesday mornings at 10.30am at the church; go out on a planned, led walk then head back for a cup of tea and a biscuit. It's never too demanding but always good fun and great company. You can find out more by going to their webpage Solihull Striders & Strollers


  • The Well on The Wood

    9:00AM Weekly during Term Time

    The Well on The Wood in the words of some of our parents is a 'Stay and Play for parents' (and guardians of children).  Grab a coffee/tea and a bite to eat while chatting with other parents, who are facing similar life and parenting challenges.

    Join us at 9am at The Well every Wednesday, during term time.

  • Dynamo

    11:00AM Weekly

    A friendly and lively group who meet each Wednesday, in the Bluebell room, please do join us for a chat - there is always tea in the pot, coffee at hand and a biscuit or two.


  • Knit Bitz

    1:00PM weekly

    Knit and Natter Group

    More than 20 ladies meet every Thursday to develop their knitting techniques; drink tea, eat cake and biscuits and chat.

    Over the last couple of years the group has grown and grown and grown - but there's still plenty of room for more. Don't worry if you've never picked up knitting needles before. Many of the group were in just that position, but help, advice and tuition is available from the other members.


    3:15PM weekly during term time

    SPLASH is an after-school group for Year 1 children at Bishop Wilson CofE Primary School. The group is led by Anna and Shirley, ably assisted by Mrs Hannah. The children play; eat snacks; enjoy craft activities and learn about the Bible. Anna and Shirley collect the youngsters from school at 3.15 and parents collect them from the church at 4.15. It's hard to believe that you can have so much fun in just 1 hour!

  • Mini Create and Chat

    3:45PM Weekly during Term Time

    Mini Create and Chat is a weekly term time group for young girls, aged roughly between 8-11years.  Every Thursday 3.45pm - 5.30pm, contact the Church Office on 0121 770 1511 for further information.

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