St Andrew's Church, Chelmsley Wood

Changes - a note from Mike

You helped me celebrate my big birthday a few weeks ago.  It was great!  I really enjoyed eating cake.  Around about the time of my birthday I told the Church Warden and the Council that I wanted to reduce my working hours so I work three days a week instead of six.  I love being Vicar here, but I have to be realistic about my energy levels.

However, I didn't want St Andrew's to have limited resources because of my decision.  So, I've been talking to Simon Heathfield (the Archdeacon) and he and the Bishops have agreed the following:

  • I will reduce my working week to three days (Sunday to Tuesday) from the 15th May
  • Geoff Harley-Mason has been appointed as our Parish Missioner.  Geoff will work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays on particular projects and initiatives in the Parish

The Bishop will license Geoff to be part of the Ministry Team at St Andrew's.  We're hoping that this will be in May or June - watch this space.  The arrangement will last until I retire.  At that time Geoff's appointment will cease and St Andrew's will be able to appoint a full time Rector.

Geoff is really well qualified to be part of the team.  He has many years of experience in church leadership and youth work.

These changes will not affect Helene.  She continues her training as Curate and should complete in summer 2020.

If you have any questions or comments at all talk to me or Geoff and do pray for us all as we adjust to the new arrangements.


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