St Andrew's Church, Chelmsley Wood

£359.91 raised for Gambia

15 Dec 2018 • General news

Thank you!

As you know, throughout the summer, Aimee-Peta was fundraising and collecting donations of various items in readiness for her visit to The Gambia.  With your generosity she has not only raised the huge sum of £359.91, she has also received donations of children's clothing, notebooks, pens and pencils.  Plus a large donation of books from Bishop Wilson School.

The total monies raised has been used to purchase floor tiles, tables, chairs, plates and other classroom supplies from the local markets.  By purchasing the items out in The Gambia, they have supplied the school with some much needed items as well as supported their local economy.

The total raised by all students involved in the trip will be updated as soon as the figures are received from the Sixth Form College.

Please do ask Aimee about her trip.