St Andrew's Church, Chelmsley Wood

Open the Book

26 Feb 2019 • General news

Hello, I'm Jenny Scott. I have been helping with this project for almost a year now.Open The Book is a Bible Society initiative which was started with the aim to take Bible Stories into schools in England, as the present curriculum for state schools in Religious Education does not include Bible Stories. The scheme which the Bible Society devised is, in my opinion, excellent; each story is introduced and then using the book ‘The Lion Story Teller Bible’ is read and acted out by the team and there is a closing thought and prayer.

The group consists of both clergy and lay people representing the churches of St Andrew’s, Chelmsley Wood, Knowle and Dorridge Parish Churches and now Knowle URC.We meet once a month to prepare the story and then take the story to St. Andrew’s and to Knowle school assemblies.The children really enjoy ‘The Open The Book’ assemblies.Last month at Knowle as year six came into the hall their hands went up all eager to join ‘the team’ dress up and help in the story.When we arrived at St. Andrew’s this month a child gave us a piece of paper saying I love ‘Open The Book’ and drawn some hearts.

As with all these projects more help is needed it would be lovely to take ‘Open The Book’ into more schools in the area.

The story this month is Jesus’ Special Friends and is the story of the miraculous catch of fish and the calling of Peter.