St Andrew's Church, Chelmsley Wood

A thought for Easter in lock-down

9 Apr 2020 • Coronavirus

Inside the Fortress

Try to see these walls as a sanctuary not a prison where we can see the outside world but cannot join it

The children garden bound, housebound, room bound but what can we do but protect, feed and love?

We have windows and doors and eyes to see and hearts to feel. The world of nature seems to know nothing of this nightmare that is besetting us.

The world of nature is as it’s always been, birds in springtime nesting; flowers and trees lifting their heads to the sky in green and pastel beauty. There is food in the fields for the future reminding us that God is not in lockdown He is still at work

This means so much

It means that in all this melee God wants our survival, he wants us to beat this devastation and through this torrent has shown us our capability to become more and morethe people of God, the people we truly are as we now bring this outpouring of love for family for friends for strangers

This means that this catastrophe can turn into an opportunity to renew our oneness with God, with Jesus and with each other

By renewing our love for Him and by bringing those to prayer for whom God was a school assembly memory and proving, maybe, that those roots were still alive underground waiting to grow into a fruition of love and appreciation whist fulfilling God’s constant wait for us to need and to approach him in humble prayer.

We have suddenly become aware of our own weakness and we stand in sheer amazement at our vulnerability and fragility. Born in this time when human beings have seemed to be more powerful than angels, have walked on the moon, cured most ills, transplanted organs but also caused destruction, have shot and killed on the battlefield and devastated the planet on which we live

Our hearts are not imprisoned. Our thoughts and prayers can still forever soar Heavenward over mountains, over rainbows and storm to the peaceful solace that is God in his domain, We can be comforted in the knowledge that this is our time our moment in history to do as Jesus our Lord has asked of us - that we should Love God and Love one another. There is no greater commandment

As we wait for the storm to pass, as we pray for our families and friends and all others, may we as the children of our Heavenly Father grow closer to God as he steers us through these troubled waters and cleanses the good earth anew

May God Bless us all. Amen

Shirley Turner