St Andrew's Church, Chelmsley Wood

Geoff's gone too

16 Apr 2020 • Family news

Geoff Harley-Mason ended his role of Parish Missioner on Easter Sunday. Geoff started working as Parish Missioner almost a year ago when Mike decided to work part-time. He and Gill have been part of the St Andrew's community for the last four years. Geoff has focused on working with children and families. He has done some brilliant stuff in Bishop Wilson School; some memorable assemblies and Prayer Space last July was super.

A bit of a food theme has emerged around Geoff's ministry in St Andrews. He led "Pop-Up Coffee" at the start of term in September; organised Breakfast Club, which morphed into Brunch Club during the October and February half-term breaks and launched "Tea on Tap" for parents who'd completed the school run on Wednesday morning. Tea and toast swiftly became coffee and bacon sandwiches; a development that was well-received by the Wednesday crowd.

Thanks to Geoff for running the Wednesday after-school club. He took the role over when Isaac moved back to London last autumn. Geoff also works in school by being there to talk about school, life, homework and stuff.

Geoff; enormous thanks for all you've done. You're a gem.