St Andrew's Church, Chelmsley Wood

​Mike’s Retired

16 Apr 2020 • From the Rector

Our Rector, Rev Mike Harmon retired on Easter Sunday, the 12th April 2020. Ending work and ministry during coronavirus lock-down is very strange. We couldn't say good-bye in the way we'd planned because the church was closed. Mike's not going anywhere in the immediate future as he's in lock-down too. He's promised to come back when the restrictions are lifted so we can have a proper farewell. 

The Diocese will begin the process for appointing a new Rector will begin once the restrictions are eased and we can actually sit down and talk to each other. In the meantime we're praying for the present and the future as we ask God to be with us and to guide us during this time of change.

Helene and Andi are continuing to serve the church and community. Their contact information is below:

Rev Helene Horan on: 07847 796665


Rev Andi Thomas on: 07967 812943